PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes  PVC Flowmeasured Tygon® P116-0549 Series
155mm Bridge - 400mm Length
PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes PVC Standard 116-0549 Series
155mm Bridge - 400mm Length
PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes PVC Flowmeasured Tygon® Long Length P170-0596 Series
155mm Bridge - 900mm Length

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes PVC Analytical P178-3748 Tygon® Series
65mm Bridge - 610mm Length

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes  ​​PVC Pump Tubing 190-0427 Series
44mm Bridge - 455mm Length

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes PVC Pump Tubing Alliance - Futura
SC0 Series

75mm Bridge - 455mm Length
 PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes PVC Solva (Solvaflex) 166-0533 Series
140mm Bridge - 455mm Length

PVC Pump tubing is typically used to pump Aqueous solutions.

PVC Solva (Solvaflex) Pump Tubing is  typically used to pump Aliphatic hydrocarbons: IE: hexane

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is produced by polymerisation of Vinyl Chloride Monomer. In order to produce commercial grades of the polymer - which meet various specification requirements - it is compounded with other additives using extrusion and mixing techniques. Depending on the additives used, properties such as flexibility, clarity, colour, heat stability, density and chemical resistance can be controlled and modified. This compound can be produced in granular or powder form. PVC has been used across all industries, including medical, for the last 50 years. It is one of the most widely researched and used thermoplastic materials today.  Historically, PVC has been used as a replacement material for rubbers and glass components. Other uses have developed rapidly due to its ability to optimise performance and safety requirements at a low cost. PVC is characterised by a high degree of biocompatibility, transparency - where needed - and flexibility under changing temperatures and humidities. PVC is easily sterilised to meet a number of industry and medical standards. It also has excellent water and chemical resistance. Flexible PVC’s usually use a pthalate plasticiser. The most important pthalate in high volume use is DEHP, which is listed by the European Pharmacopoeia and recommended for softening disposable medical items, such as tubing and blood bags.
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