Santoprene® Pump Tubing

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes  Santoprene® SC0 Series
Two Bridge Tubing
150mm Bridge - 400mm Length
PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes Santoprene® SC0 Series
Three Bridge Tubing
72mm, 72mm Bridge - 400mm Length


Santoprene® Pump Tubing is typically used to pump Aqueous solutions

Santoprene® is a proprietary type of thermoplastic rubber elastomer, manufactured by Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P. Santoprene® is a polyolefinic material, produced by a proprietary dynamic vulcanisation which produces rubber particles dispersed throughout a continuous matrix of thermoplastic. The average rubber particle size is 1uM or less, which results in favourable properties allowing easy and consistent processing. This material combines the performance characteristics of vulcanised rubber and the processing ease of thermoplastics.  Santoprene® has properties that make it very tolerant of temperatures, chemicals and environmental abrasion. Santoprene® is available in a range of hardnesses. The most popular hardness grade for small-bore peristaltic pump use is 64 Shore A. This gives the best combination of easy occlusion and good material recovery for effective long-life pumping. Other grades are available for alternative applications. Medical grades of Santoprene® have a DMF file lodged with the US FDA, and are approved to USP Class.



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