Viton Pump Tubes

PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes  Viton® 116-0651 Series
127mm Bridge - 175mm Length
PVC Two Bridge Pump Tubes Viton® 188-0133 Series
65mm Bridge - 400mm Length


  Viton® is typically used to pump:

  • Mineral acids > 50%  Halogenated solvents: IE: CHCl3 
  • Aromatics: IE: toluene 

Viton® is a proprietary type of fluoroelastomer rubber, manufactured by DuPont Industries. Viton® has one of the broadest ranges of chemical resistance in industry. We use Viton® B grade, which is regarded as an ideal type for peristaltic pump use. This combines excellent flexibility with high chemical resistance and anti-ageing properties over a wide range of environmental conditions.  Viton® B is specified as a terpolymer of vinylidene fluoride, hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluoroethylene and has a higher fluid resistance than Viton® A. Viton® B is not a medical class material, and the resultant extruded tubing is ideal for many industrial applications involving acids and oils.
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